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I got my editor through a referral thanks to Mr. But while you can get some discrepancies on either end of the spectrum you pay a lot and get crap, you pay less and get amazing quality , I definitely agree on not skimping out, and you usually do get what you pay for. Marketing is good, but if you use Amazon, they can do a lot for you… I had almost no mailing list and I did OK, but if I had a really really crappy product, nobody would buy it.

I totally agree. Great post Noam. Great article, thank you for your insights. Do you have any reccomendations for software that would format a photo heavy ebook? I am working on a guide to home fermenting and want to include photos and reciparees. I am worried that formatting is gonna get ugly! Are you just saying there will be a lot of photos, or you have some sort of special layout in mind you want handled? When I read reviews of similar books one of the biggest complaints was not having a visual reference so users could see what the product would look like in each step.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! But again, Scrivener is quite powerful, so it should be able to handle whatever you throw at it. Noam, Thank you for your response. This is my first book so I am definitely stressing the small stuff! Scrivener looks like a great tool for getting organized. For books with illustrations and images Fixed Formatting seems to be the way to go.

It keeps your images locked in place with the text. Great article! Sean, That Steve Jobs quote was epic. Thanks, I think we all need to keep hearing about how hard this is and to fight for our books and our writing.

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You guys also convinced me to try Scrivener. BTW, for those posting the text of their books to Amazon Kindle….. It was super clean, easy, and much easier than all other formats. Word does but it creates a mess of code. Its horrible! On writing the book you feel like writing…..

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I think the advice should be the opposite. Write what you have a passion for. Otherwise, if you are writing to just make money, and scanning the web for places to make a dime, you have sold yourself to the devil. Might as well go pick a career that does that makes big money.

Writing should be for the passionate, those who love to write and have a story to tell. Success will follow. Otherwise, its just a con game and you are conning yourself and your readers. Thats just my two cents. MOBI file. Like I said in the article, you need a mix. Hence the whole concept of surveying your customers, readers, etc. For example, a lot of my readers have problems being avoidant in their relationships and being afraid of intimacy. Get it :?

I found the 3rd point regarding advanced copies for reviews to be the most helpful. No worries Peter, glad you got something out of it!

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Thanks for writing this Noam, what a time saver this could be! Some great pointers for a newbie like me. Well done. Hi Noam, this was a fantastic read. Is there any advice you can offer specifically for self-publishing fiction? Or another resource you could point me to? Once again, thanks! While lots of this still applies to you, e. Hi Noam, Great article!

I write self-help books, how to books and fiction. I am going to take your advice and write with Scrivner on Windows 10 and wondered if you have heard of any issues. I have been using Word, but have heard of it crashing and losing files. Also does your copy editor edit in Scrivner?

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Could I have contact info for your editor? I am a retired artist, but want to make sure the cover is done right. I want to use pen names for my privacy and to be more diverse and marketable.

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Do you have any tips regarding pen names? When I asked him to I had transferred in to Word as I wrote above , then back to Scrivner baaad use of time. Thanks for this encouraging article!

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I definitely feel my excitement around publishing with Kindle coming back. But reading this article really reawakened what I feel like has been a long dream, running a real book publishing business on kindle. I guess I should read Mastery of Mind. It sounds like you know the fears I am dealing with, so maybe your book will help me take the leap. Thanks for putting your work out there, in spite of the mistakes and difficulties!

Great article Noam, very informative. I launch my first book in about a month and some of the mistakes I made showed up here-great steer! Thanks for lots of great info, Noam.

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So… To publish it on Kindle, do I need to re-type the whole manuscript pps in book form? Any ideas what people in my position do? You can pay someone on Upwork a small fee to do it while you focus on the more important things ;. I am SO glad I found this article! Very thoughtful, honest, and useful info. I really appreciated this post. I have been a ball of nerves trying to get things going. This information really helped me a lot. Thank you! Would you happen to have a step by step list where you detail what your process was before publishing?

Any advice would be helpful. Thank you Noam for some very useful information. This article inspires me to continue. Thanks again! Your email address will not be published. Take it away, Noam! So here they are: 1 Write the entire book in Scrivener, learn how to use it, and keep all editing localized to it.